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Going to the toilet to read the newspaper, acne-ridden


Going to the toilet to read the newspaper, acne-ridden

The old saying goes: Ten people are nine.

Any men, women and children have the possibility of getting sick.

However, from the onset of acne, spring and autumn are the most frequent stages of the disease.

Chinese medicine said that the dry air in the autumn lacks moisture, and the regulation function of the human body is prone to error, and there is a dry stool and constipation.

銆€銆€We often say that the appearance of hemorrhoids appears only in the tissue protruding from the anus. However, from a pathological point of view, hemorrhoids are actually varicose veins, which are formed by deposition of varicose veins under the prostate mucosa and anal skin.Vein agglomerates.

This has a lot to do with people’s occupations, diet and lifestyle.

Therefore, in general, there are four types of people who are most likely to develop the disease, and the age is mostly concentrated in 40-60 years old.

First, long standing, sedentary and long-term constipation, sometimes drivers, mental workers, white-collar workers; second, pregnant women, due to the pressure of direct infection of the anus forced by the replacement of blood disorders, coupled with long-term exertion during childbirth,Causes anal venous congestion; Third, people who have no regular life, sometimes overeating, like to eat spicy and stimulating things, can drink alcohol; Fourth, people who have bad habits when taking stools, a little squatting in the toilets who like to read and read newspapers.

In addition to strengthening exercise, these people should avoid repeated standing, sitting, and get rid of bad habits. Pay special attention to eating a reasonable diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, eat less greasy and spicy things, and do not eat more meat.

銆€銆€In fact, many people in life are likely to have become ill without knowing it. They think that only occasional constipation is not acne.

In fact, hemorrhoids can be perceived and judged by themselves, especially in the above-mentioned special groups, and they should always pay attention to the situation of bowel movements.

If you feel pain when you have a bowel movement, you may have an anal fissure, inflammatory external hemorrhoids, anal sinusitis, etc.; if the redness can not touch, you may have an anal abscess; if there is purulent secretion, it may form anorectal, if the anus is itchyAlso accompanied by secretions are anal eczema; if there is a lot of bleeding during stool, it is likely to be internal hemorrhoids, but if the color of the blood is dark, the increase in the number of stools per day is accompanied by a decline in constitution may be rectal cancer.

In addition, the average person’s anus has more soft skin, but if the skin suddenly increases in a short period of time and has a tender feeling, it may be a thrombus or inflammatory external hemorrhoid.

銆€銆€Therefore, once you find yourself in such a situation, don’t ignore it, let alone think that it will be a few days.

If you wait until the pain is too much to cure, it will not only delay the condition, but will increase the pain of treatment.

However, the best treatment is prevention, and a routine anorectal examination should be performed once a year to prevent it from happening.