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[How to make cookies without oven]_No oven_How to make

[How to make cookies without oven]_No oven_How to make

Now many treasure mothers like to make food for their babies at home, like cookies, which are both delicious and healthy, and they can rest assured.

But not everyone has an oven at home, so how to make cookies without an oven is what many moms want to know.

Here is a cookie that can be made without using an oven. Baoma can try to make it for babies.

Ingredients: Low-gluten flour (180 g) Matcha powder (10 g) Ingredients: corn oil (20 g) water (60 g) sugar (40 g) salt (1/4 tsp) white sesame (2 tbsp) 1.

Add water, corn oil, granulated sugar, and salt to the bowl and stir until all the sugar has dissolved.


Sift the low-gluten flour and matcha powder into a basin and cut with a rubber spatula.


Cut and mix until the powder is almost even, and pour in white sesame seeds.


Use a rubber spatula to continue cutting and mixing until all the powder is absorbed, and the sesame is evenly mixed.


Put the dough on a cardboard and divide it into two pieces.


Take one of them and roll them to 0 with a rolling pin.

5 cm thick sheet.


Use a knife to cut to your favorite size.


Make a hole in the dough with a fork.


To prevent sticking, use the tip of a knife to lift the pasta into the pan.


Cover the pot and reduce the heat to the minimum heat for 10-15 minutes.


In the middle of the fire resistance, halfway through the noodles.


When the bottom is dark in color, turn over and bake for 3-5 minutes.

Tips: 1. Do not put oil in the pan: Because it is baked using a pan transfer, do not put oil in the pan.

2. The size of the fire: When the biscuit is made in an oven, bake it at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. When using a gas stove, set the fire to 1/2 of the minimum or low fire.Similarly, the fire is too hot, and the bottom of the cake is burnt before it is cooked, so pay attention to observation.

3, be sure to cover the lid: because the oven is heated up and down, the bottom surface and the top are baked at the same time in the baking process, and when making with a pan, the change is from the bottom to the top, so in order to prevent scatteringThe lid must be covered.

4. Dry the water from the lid: during the baking process, water will evaporate, so there is condensed and distilled water on the lid, and it must be wiped before it drips into the pot.dry.
5. Confirm the bottom color: When baking is necessary, the perimeter of the biscuit will show a dark color. Pay attention to the baking and do not bake it.

6. Stirring degree: When powder and water are mixed, do not use a rubber spatula to squeeze and squeeze like bread, use cutting and mixing. When the powder has absorbed all the water, stop stirring and stir excessively.The baked cookies will harden.