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Chinese medicine massage skull to clear the meridians can also increase the cup


Chinese medicine massage skull to clear the meridians can also increase the cup

Chinese medicine massage magnifying glass to enlarge the cup 1, touch the left hand gently touch the right breast, stroke for about three minutes.

Strokes can be rotated, preliminary, horizontal, or alternately.

After three minutes, change your right hand to massage the left breast.

This three-minute stroke is extremely important for the entire breast massage. Pay attention when you touch it. Don’t be too rude to be gentle.

2, pick up the ten fingers open, separate the hands to place the bottom of the breast above, starting from the bottom, slowly push the direction of the nipple.

Alternatively, the palms of both hands are covered on one side of the nipple, and the fingers are radially, pulled inside, and repeated about 30 times.

This breast massage action can effectively gather the breasts to make it firmer and fuller.

3, the centralized breast massage action is conducive to improving the phenomenon of breast expansion.

The technique is simple, or many people have tried it.

Place your hands on the outside of the breast, press the tiger’s mouth upwards, and push your breasts from the inside out. Use your palms to lift the breasts. Use your hands to raise the breasts along the outer edge until the breasts are measured.

This action is repeated 15 to 25 times.

4, Rotary below this breast massage can stimulate breast tissue, let the breast grow up.

Put your hands under your armpits, then insert them into the outer periphery of the chest to start a circular massage. Use your hands from the lower part of the breast to the left and right directions, and lift upwards until the position of the collarbone.

Put your hand on the areola and massage it up spirally.

5, lumbar ridge brush rubbing side of the hand, placed in the lumbar spine position, from top to bottom to stimulate 10 times, by stimulating the central nervous system of the secretion system, to achieve the development of the uterus and ovary and other organs and improve its function,Thereby promoting the activity of the breast, promoting the growth of the chest, and achieving the purpose of breast enhancement.

But when brushing, pay attention to the degree of not rubbing the skin or brushing red.

6, the last massage method of sniper is conducive to maintaining breast elasticity and stimulating breast growth.

Sitting or lying on your back, bending your fingers or forefinger to slam the breast.

When you hit, remember that the power is light and heavy, and then lighter, but not too heavy.

Start at the bottom of the breast, around the sniper, until the areola, don’t slam the nipple.

Repeat 5 times.