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4 kinds of kidney disease signals should be taken care of, 4 kinds of foods are eaten less, insist on the kidneys themselves become better


4 kinds of kidney disease signals should be taken care of, 4 kinds of foods are eaten less, insist on the kidneys themselves become better

When a serious kidney disease such as kidney failure is discovered, it is very serious. It seems that kidney disease is fierce like many cardiovascular diseases. It gives a serious blow. In fact, the occurrence of kidney disease is signaled. Different kidney diseases occur.The signal was different at the time, so you need to pay attention to it.

The signal edema of acute nephritis is particularly obvious after getting up. It is accompanied by fluctuating hypertension, low back pain, dizziness, headache, nausea and anorexia, and general malaise. It also has symptoms of frequent urinary urgency and decreased urine output.

Mostly caused by infection, the incidence is more urgent.

The signs of chronic nephritis appear hematuria, proteinuria, edema, and high blood pressure.

The discovery of chronic nephritis is often accompanied by an increase in blood pressure. Be careful not to think that it is pure hypertension, but also to pay attention to whether it is nephritis.

Signaling of pyelonephritis The main manifestations of acute pyelonephritis are aversion to cold, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, followed by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and back pain, kidney sputum pain, rib angle tenderness and other symptoms.

Chronic pyelonephritis is characterized by mild urine routine examination, bladder irritation and low fever, low back pain and backache.

Pyelonephritis is mostly caused by bacterial infection of the urinary tract. It is more common in adult women. The signals of nephrotic syndrome mainly include proteinuria, severe edema, loss of appetite, high blood pressure and other symptoms. Nephrotic syndrome suggests that the kidney has been injured.Have to check in time.

For people with bad kidneys, it is best to eat the following four types of food!

1 foods with high sodium content: salt, fritters, shrimp, kelp, salted bread, celery, spinach, rape, spinach, fennel and so on.

2 salted food: salted radish, sausage, sausage, salted eggs, canned fish and so on.

3 foods with high potassium content: red dates, shellfish, mushrooms, mushrooms, dried longan, kidney beans, squid, raisins, etc.

4 stimulating food: spicy, such as chili, garlic, ginger.

There are also smoke, wine, coffee, etc., and there is less contact.

Adhere to conditioning on the diet, the kidney will slowly become a good food recommendation: Taohe three black powder peach lotus three black powder formula ingredients: black sesame, black beans, black rice, peas, poached beans, purple potato, yam, tamping, walnut, oh, mulberry.

Detailed explanation of the food side: The best function of Taohe San Black Powder is to strengthen the body, because the kidney is the congenital, and black rice, black beans, black sesame, some black food can enter the kidney, black tonic, good for the kidney.

The increase of walnut can strengthen the kidney and solidify, warm lung and asthma, and has a good conditioning effect on the waist and knees.

The bean is also called kidney bean, aphrodisiac bean, can see its role in tonifying the kidney, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and strengthening the kidney, enhancing appetite and resisting rheumatism.

Plus cockroaches, yam, mulberry, sturdy these daily kidney foods, the nourishment of the kidney takes into account all aspects, continue to be late, the kidneys are getting better and better, and the kidney disease is getting farther and farther.

How to eat: Each food is baked at high temperature, cooked thoroughly, then beaten with a cell wall breaker, and then evenly mixed. Take 30g each time you consume it. Drink it with boiling water twice a day for 15 days.