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Summer Chinese medicine cold weight loss

Summer Chinese medicine “cold weight loss”

Lead: In this summer with the highest temperature and the highest yang in the year, how can we achieve proper health and lose fat?
You can try “cold weight loss”.
The so-called “cold weight loss” refers to the use of scientific diet, try to eat unheated and unprocessed food, plus “cool” movement in the air-conditioned controlled room, thereby achieving internal circulation, thereby improving body shape,Regulate physiology.
Chinese medicine believes that due to the fact that the natural food ingredients in the modern diet are getting less and less, the work rhythm is tight, resulting in less and less exercise. In addition, many people adopt unhealthy weight loss methods to reduce the metabolic rate and cause obesity.
Emphasizing “cold weight loss” is not to encourage everyone to eat cold things, and to be consistent with room temperature.
鈥淐old weight loss鈥?is an easy way to lose weight. It does not promote the intense exercise of sweating. It only needs healthy and original ecological conditioning and participation in slow exercise.
Reasonable control of diet, proper exercise, and acupuncture at the same time to lose weight, the principle is to restore the body to balance by conditioning, smooth breath, wet water, naturally achieve the effect of weight loss.
Compared with hunger therapy and exercise therapy, 鈥渃old weight loss鈥?truly achieves a 鈥渮ero burden鈥?on the body and spirit.
Drinking water should not be less than about 70% of the body’s weight. Summer is good for health. Water is also an indispensable part of the body’s life and longevity.
The ancients used to drink a cup of fresh cold white in the morning every summer, which is said to be good for life.
After boiling a cup of ordinary water, cover and cool to room temperature.
When the boiled water is cooled and cooled, the chlorine gas is reduced by 1/2 compared with the normal natural water. The surface tension, density, viscosity, conductivity and other characteristics of the water are changed, which is similar to the water in the biologically active cells.And therefore has a wonderful biological activity.
The use of winter disease and summer heat is the highest temperature in the whole year, and the most prosperous time of yang. In the health care, there is often the saying of “winter disease and summer cure”.
Allergic diseases such as asthma, repeated respiratory infections (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.), as well as elderly people with chronic bronchitis, children who are prone to colds in winter, and diseases related to debilitating cold, such as stomach pain, colitisPatients with joint pain, cold headache, low back pain caused by kidney deficiency and other diseases should be carefully nursed during the summer and focus on prevention and treatment.