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Tired of work trying to reward yourself


Tired of work trying to reward yourself

Many people are prone to negative emotions and coping styles under stress, such as stress, stress, procrastination, avoidance or perfunctory, etc., but in the end it is inevitable to face unfavorable consequences.

銆€銆€Doing things that you are not interested in is a compulsory homework for everyone, and it is also the secret of some successful people.

So how do you do things that you are not interested in?

銆€銆€Reflecting on your situation and understanding your current response and consequences, you can ask if you can say “no” to what you are currently discarding.

If not, then what are the consequences of the negative coping strategies you are taking, such as procrastination and perfunctory, are you still willing to bear?

You can rethink these questions on paper, and in the end you will find that the unfavorable consequences are much more terrible than the current annoying work.

銆€銆€To analyze why you are not interested in this matter, can you cultivate your own interests.

If you are not interested in things because you don’t understand things, you can cultivate your interest in the work.

For example, when dealing with boring report data in depth, you may be interested in the corresponding spreadsheet software and discover that the software has statistical features that you are not familiar with.

After mastering these statistical methods, you have effectively improved your work efficiency.

Some work in advance, interest may slowly arise.

銆€銆€If your own foundation is not good, and your ability is insufficient, resulting in insufficient interest, you must find ways to improve your ability.

銆€銆€Learn to learn the knowledge and skills associated with your work.

You can’t always stay at a level and scope. You must constantly develop your own vision, improve your abilities, master the necessary knowledge and skills, and make your work handy.

銆€銆€If things don’t have any special meaning and they have to be done, reward yourself. You can set a contract with yourself and build your own way.

If you have finished doing something, buy clothes for yourself, or ask your family to go to the restaurant to eat.

In other words, you can arrange a thing you like after you are tired of things, you have the motivation to do the things at hand.